Blenders Helping Kids with Physical Limitations

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There are a lot of kids out there who have special dietary needs or who cannot eat the way everyone else does. Blended foods give them the nutrients they need in a way that their bodies can handle it. Blenders are for more than making a quick drink or creating sauces and dips; you can use them to create a wholesome diet for your children. Here, we are going to look at some kinds of kids who eat differently than we do or who have some different needs and how blenders are making their lives easier.

Tube-Fed Children

Many children are born with physical disabilities that require they eat from a feeding tube. This severely limits not only what they can eat, but also how they can eat it. They cannot sit down in front of a plate of food and use a fork and knife to eat their food like we can. They cannot do a lot of things the way we do.

Blending their foods gives them access to a wide range of foods they could not otherwise have. When their parents use blenders to prepare their food, they can tube feed them all sorts of foods that are essential for their nutritional needs and that enrich their lives because of the different minerals and vitamins they contain.

Without blended foods, they would be limited to drip feeds and other sources of plain nutrients that do not contain the same sort of complex components that they can get from real food. So, blended food is changing their lives, and those who don’t use benders in their daily lives can find a new way to care for their children and make their lives better.

Children with Allergies

Blending food is also a great way to get around many allergens. A lot of the foods people eat every day contain all sorts of allergens, even if the main ingredients contain no allergens. That’s because they are made in the same facilities as foods containing nuts, soy, milk, gluten and other foods that can cause allergies. By blending fresh foods and creating liquid food for your children, you can ensure that they get food that is not only good for them but also is sensitive to their allergic conditions.

Kids with food allergies may feel like they don’t get to experience life the same way everyone else does or that they cannot eat the same foods that others do. They may feel like they are missing out. But they don’t have to. You can give your kids the same things everyone else has, just in blended form as you prepare it fresh for them.

You can create dips, sauces, ice cream, beverages and so much more with your blender while carefully controlling what goes into each food you prepare. You decide how much sugar, fat, salt and other unhealthy components make up the food they eat, because you prepare it yourself and you choose the ingredients.

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