Blending Squash and Pumpkin with Seeds

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If you like to use squash and pumpkin in your recipes, such as for making breads, puddings and other dishes, then you probably know that the seeds can be a problem. They can give your food a bad texture, if they are left intact, so the key to getting rid of that unwanted texture without getting rid of the nutrients in the seeds is to use your blender.


Now, you can’t just throw the whole squash or pumpkin into the blender. If you do that, then you will end up with partially processed seeds and strings. When you are finished blending the whole thing, there will still be bits of pulp and seeds in your blend and it will not be smooth. If you are mixing up a batter, smoothie or just about anything else, you need a smooth blend.

In order to achieve that, you will need to prepare your veggie. Start by baking it in the oven. Line a pan with some parchment paper, then pierce the veggie with a knife. This will keep it from exploding on you (very important). Then bake at 350° until you start to smell the veggie. Once you smell it, just check it every ten minutes to see if it is getting soft.

Once it is soft, you can take it out of the oven and split it open. It should split very easily. Then, just scoop out the seeds and strings and place them into the blender.


You will need to blend the seeds and strings separately. That will ensure they are pureed properly. You can use the puree setting on your blender and then just cover the seeds, string and blades with water. You should always cover the blades with water, otherwise they will fling bit and pieces out instead of catching and blending them.

Let all that puree for a few minutes, then check it to see if it is smooth. Once there is a smooth consistency, you can set that aside and blend the rest of your veggie. Just slice up the remaining veggie into pieces that are a few square inches. If they are too big, the blender will have trouble chopping them up and may leave large pieces behind or may take an unusually long amount of time to blend everything.

You can scrape off the skin of the pumpkin or squash if you don’t want them, before placing them in the blender. After all, the seeds and strings have enough fiber that you don’t really need the fiber from the skin. Once the veggie is baked, it is easy enough to scrape off the skin and separate it from the flesh.

From there, you can combine your seeds and strings blend with the flesh blend and then store them until you are ready to use them in a recipe. They can store in your fridge for a few days or in your freezer for months before spoiling.

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