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The design of the blenders is such that you will think of Hamilton Beach blenders when you think of the blender. They are made in classic blender design, but adapted to the modern era with colors and controls on the base. Also, the jars are designed so that the liquid does not drip, which enables […]

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The bullet blenders are a newer concept, different from the traditional blenders we got used to. They come with a base and a cup, and they usually do not come with several different programs. What’s more, they most commonly have none. The blender cup is filled with the ingredients, screwed onto the base and flipped […]

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Vitamix is a brand with very long tradition, and it is one of the most popular food blenders among professional chefs, so it can often be found in restaurant kitchens. However, they offer a series of blenders for personal use as well, and more and more people decide to buy one of their blenders for their […]

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NINJA Blender

Ninja offers a series of kitchen appliances for different purposes: there are coffee brewers, a revolutionary cooking system, and a variety of nutrients extractors, blenders and food processors for both personal and professional use. Ninja blenders are among very popular and wanted types of blenders, due to their power, variety and large choice of blenders […]

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