How to Find the Right Blender for Your Needs

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When you go to buy a blender, you might be intimidated by all the options you have. With high speed blenders, industrial blenders, little blenders that look like they won’t last a day and plenty more, how do you decide which one is right for you? You might bring one home and then realize that it won’t blend what you need it to. So, here is your guide to choosing the right blender for your needs.

The Personal Blender

Most of the blenders you see will fall into this category. They are fairly small, and they can have a variety of features. There is a huge range of these, but the basic difference between them and all the others is that they cannot handle the heavy stuff. They do light blending, and that is it. They probably won’t even be able to handle large amounts of tough veggies or any nuts, dry beans or other hard foods.

The personal blender is ideal for people who don’t want to invest in a high performance machine. They just want something to do smoothies and shakes and a few basic other foods and beverages. If you don’t plan to use the blender for a lot of different things or don’t have a lot of money to spend, then this is the way to go.

High Speed Blender

This is the basic upgrade to the personal blender. It is usually a little bigger and far more powerful. It can handle the rougher, harder, bigger stuff, so you can make just about anything with it. Just about any dish you find a blender recipe for, the high speed blender will be able to handle it.

You will pay more for this blender, but that may be worth it to you, if you want to get a lot of use out of it. This blender is ideal for people who want to experiment with some recipes or use the blender every day. The high speed blender is likely to last longer and give a better blending performance.

Industrial Blender

Now, this one is for serious blending enthusiast only. Usually, you would only use this kind of blender if you run a restaurant or own some sort of business where blending is required for service. These kinds of blenders are ideal for cutting up the roughest and toughest foods, and they usually have large capacities to allow you to cut up a lot of food at once. You should know that the industrial blender is going to cost the most, and it may not have a lot of options, but it will last a long time. There isn’t much you could put in the blender that would hurt it, so it will be a sound investment, if you can actually make use of it.

Knowing what blender is right for you will help you make the best choice with your money.

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