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Hamilton Beach produces a wide range of blenders – smoothie blenders, personal and single-serve blenders, stick blenders, blenders with plastic or glass jar etc. No matter which type you choose, every Hamilton Beach blenderis elegantly designed, resembling the classic blenders we are all used to.

Hamilton Beach blenders implement Wave-ActionSystem, which is designed so that it constantly pushes the content of the container down towards the blades. Tanks to this, Hamilton Beach blenders create smoothies with perfect texture, without the chunks in the liquid or on the walls of the container.

The design of the blenders is such that you will think of Hamilton Beach blenders when you think of the blender. They are made in classic blender design, but adapted to the modern era with colors and controls on the base. Also, the jars are designed so that the liquid does not drip, which enables pouring without making a mess. All parts of Hamilton Beach blenders are made to be dishwasher safe, so they are very easy for cleaning as well. We will present you with some of the types of Hamilton Beach blenders, their specifications and possible uses.

Hamilton Beach Smoothie Blenders

When it comes to smoothies, we can say that practically every Hamilton Beach blender can make a delicious, silky smoothie drink. They are equipped with the above mentioned Wave-Action System, creating smoothies with smooth texture, without chunks and bits of fruit or vegetables. The blades of the blenders are strong enough for chopping ice as well, so you can be sure that you will easily make smoothies with ice cubes or frozen fruit and vegetables.

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blenders

Single-Serve blenders come with smaller containers and simple design. They are smaller in proportions, which allows them not only to take less space in the kitchen, but the cups of these blenders are also easily transported. Single-Serve blenders come with cups that fit most car cup holders, and they are equipped with travel lids so you can make a smoothie, seal the same cup and carry it with you. These blenders are very convenient for the people on the go, but since they are smaller than the other types, keep in mind that one cup is intended for smaller quantities of food.

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When it comes to Single-Serve blenders, do not let the size fool you. Although smaller, these blenders are also equipped with strong motors and sharp, stainless steel blades. They are durable and they create creamy smoothies even with ice and frozen ingredients.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Blenders

Hamilton Beach also produces a line of blenders of commercial quality, which are used in restaurants and bars all over the world, and they can be used for a variety of purposes.

best-commercial-blender-7Commercial blenders by Hamilton Beach come in a variety of models, and they are made with larger base and larger container than Single-Serve blenders. All of them are equipped with Wave-Action System for pushing the ingredients down towards the blade, and they come with 4 high quality stainless steel blades. These blenders come with a variety of programs and speed controls. They differ depending on the model, but they are more versatile than those on Single-Serve blenders. They have possibility of adjusting speed, One-Touch Chopping, the option of monitoring the motor temperature and the alert when the motor overheats.

Commercial blenders are pricier, but they can be used for all the purposes, and they can also find their place in restaurants and bars as well as home kitchens. They can be used for making alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes and juices. In addition to that, they are excellent for chopping food, grinding coffee and nuts and preparing dough for pancakes, donuts or other treats.

Hamilton Beach Hand Blenders

In addition to the kitchen counter blenders, Hamilton Beach also produces immersion or hand blenders. All of the models are equipped with two attachments – a blending wand and a whisk, which gives them the versatility larger than the other hand blenders. You can use the blending want to turn vegetables into a puree or soup directly in a pot, or to make baby food. When the whisk is attached, you can whisk eggs or whip cream without the effort.

610yLVonQSL._SX466_Hamilton Beach also offers a deluxe set of 7 pieces, which contains blending wand and a whiskmade of stainless steel, a mixing cup, a food processor and two lids. This set is practical because it can be used for multiple purposes: you can use the blending wand to blend food and turn it into puree or liquid, a whisk attachment can be used for all types of mixing and whisking, and the base can be attached to the food processor for grinding, chopping and mixing.

This set comes with the base that has variable control of speed and turbo boost button, which guarantees the best results no matter what you do. This set is ideal for those who do not want to buy several different appliances, because they can achieve all with combining the elements of this set.

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In addition to the high-quality parts of Hamilton Beach blenders and their fine design, another advantage lies in the fact that they are very affordable, and available to anyone, no matter if you need them for home use or for a bar or a restaurant.

Blades Quality

Also, all the products come with a warranty, and it goes for blenders, their parts and all the accessories you buy for them. All the parts are made of quality materials, the blades are tough and made out of stainless steel, and the blenders are easy to use and very user friendly. Together with this, the affordable price, large choice of models and great performance are what puts Hamilton Beach blenders in a category of blenders recommended for everyone’s needs and every kitchen.

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