Make Baby Food in the Blender

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Have you ever thought about making baby food at home? When you look at how much you spend on jars of baby food, you might want to consider making your own. It would be quite a bit cheaper, and there are lots of health benefits to making it yourself. Plus, you get to choose exactly what your baby eats, and that can make a huge difference in their enjoyment of their food and how well they grow.

Start with Fresh Ingredients

Your growing baby only needs the very best. When you are making food for the baby, make sure you give your child only food that is sourced from fresh fruits, veggies and grains. It’s really simple to make the food, but you want to make sure the base is a healthy one.

You can get your food from farmer’s markets or the produce section on your local grocery, but beware of pesticides. Be sure you clean the food thoroughly and only buy fresh instead of canned or frozen. If you use anything other than fresh foods, you risk giving your child MSG ad other additives that are not good for its development.

Don’t Add Sugar

If you are blending fruit, yogurt or grains, there is probably already enough sugar in there for the child. You do not want to add more unnecessarily. You can always taste the food after you blend it and see if it needs more sugar, but you may also want to give it to your child first to see if they will eat it. Just because you don’t like the result of what you blended without added sugar does not mean your child will not either.

If you must add some sweetener, you can try a natural one like honey. While most of the honey produced in the United States has the chance to cause botulism in infants, honey sourced from other countries usually does not. If you want to add some honey, just source it from other countries that won’t put your child at risk for botulism.

The Process

It’s so simple to make baby food in your blender, but you can make it hard on yourself if you don’t know what you are doing. Be sure to chop up the food thoroughly before you place it in the blender. You want to puree the food for your child and make sure there are no chunks left in it. As your child grows, some smaller chunks may be okay, but children younger than six months will do best with pureed food.

If the food comes out too chunky, you can always put it in for longer, increase the blending speed or add in some water. Adding water makes it easier for the blender to mix the food and chop it up. It allows the food to turn more easily in the blender and aids in the entire process.

Some experimentation is expected the first few times you make baby food in the blender, but you will get better at it over time.

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