New or Used Blenders?

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You might have the option to buy a used blender, and it may cross your mind that buying used could be problematic when it comes to blenders. Here is what you need to know about buying used compared to buying new for blenders.

Buying Used

Let’s look at why or why not to buy used blenders first. Obviously the big problem with going this route is going to be that you don’t know what, if anything is wrong with the blender. Not everyone selling their blender is doing so because there is something wrong with the blender. Then again, they may not always know if it has problems, because they are not blender experts or they didn’t use the blender much. They could also conceal any problems and not tell you about them, if they just want to make the sale.

Now you will be getting a lower price, hopefully, when you buy used, and that can be a major deciding factor for you. But you should compare the cost of the used blender to the cost of a new one before you decide if it is a good deal. There might not be much of a difference.

Buying used can also limit your options. You essentially have to go with whatever blender is available, and you don’t always have a lot of choices. You may not be able to get all the features you want your blender to have, and you might end up settling for something you aren’t very happy with by going this route.

Buying New

When you buy new, you get a warranty that ensures your blender will last for at least a certain amount of time. You have no such guarantee with a used blender. You pretty much know that it is going to work and that it will work well. That assurance can be all you need to know that your investment is worthwhile and that you won’t be running into a bunch of problems shortly after buying your blender.

The price is going to be higher with a new blender, but with that higher price comes the assurances we just covered. It can be worth it to pay more for the new blender because of all the benefits that come with it, but some can be incredibly expensive.

You can also pick your new blender forma wide selection. You can choose what kind of features that blender should have and what brand you want. You can even add an extended warranty to some of them, if you want to ensure an even longer lifespan.

Which One to Choose

The choice is up to you, but with a new blender, you can guarantee the value of your investment. The used blender is a risk. You don’t know how it was used or for how long, so you don’t know how long it will last you. If you have the money, buying new is always better, but not everyone has that option.

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