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The bullet blenders are a newer concept, different from the traditional blenders we got used to. They come with a base and a cup, and they usually do not come with several different programs. What’s more, they most commonly have none. The blender cup is filled with the ingredients, screwed onto the base and flipped over so that the base stands down. Then, the cup is pressed and as long as you keep it pressed, the bullet blender works and mixes the ingredients. There are various bullet blender reviews online, and you can certainly find many of them to be positive, because bullet blenders are practical, useful, multi-functional and they do not take too much space.

Orange_Julius_smoothies__2012Bullet blenders are usually created to be nutrition extractors, which means that they are equipped with powerful motor and blades which, when combined, grind food to its tiniest parts. Thanks to this feature, bullet blenders create very creamy and soft smoothies, without the food chunks. They are convenient for those who want to eat healthier, but do not like the taste of certain foods – so they can turn it into a smoothie and “mask” with some fruit or vegetable they like. Other than making smoothies, bullet blenders can be used for a variety of different purposes: they can be used to make dips and sauces or to blend vegetables for a soup.

They are also useful for chopping fruits and vegetables, and people especially like to chop onions in them, because this way there is no tears. You can also use bullet blender to make a sorbet out of frozen fruits, and it is also useful for grinding coffee beans and various seeds and nuts. In addition to all the chopping, cutting and grinding purposes, bullet blenders can also be used for whipping cream or mixing pancake batter.

As you can see, bullet blenders are multi-functional and buying one for your kitchen can be a smart investment. We will also give you some bullet blender reviews to help you get the insight into the functions and uses, as well as to decide easier which of them to buy.

1.Magic Bullet review

Magic Bullet is a bullet blender you have probably heard of, and you have seen plenty of commercials on TV. The commercials try to create hype and overexcitement about a product, but here you can read an honest review of the product.

0 Watt Motor

First of all, Magic Bullet is simple in design, with a metal base and a plastic cup that comes on top. There are no buttons for blending control, but it is achieved by screwing the blade cap onto the cup, flipping it over and pressing the cup for blending. If you want to chop the ingredients, you should pres shortly a couple of times, while for blending, grinding, mixing and the like you should continuously hold the cup. There is also an option of locking the cup by holding it down and turning it, so you can have free hands while Magic Bullet does the work.

MagicBullet1_9708This blender has very strong stainless steel blades, and a powerful motor inside the base. This makes it the best smoothie blender, since it turns food into smooth and creamy drink without food chunks. It is advertised as doing any job in 10 seconds, but for better results with tougher foods, you will need to blend a bit longer – which is still not too much of a bother. It is possible to get the ice-crushing blade for Magic Bullet as well, which turns the ice into very fine creamy texture, which is ideal for cocktails or milkshakes.

Magic Bullet is handy and quite small, so it the blender itself does not take too much space on the counter. It comes with a range of accessories – several cups, lids, lip rings and a recipe book, and the additional accessories can be purchased on the website.

In addition to all the features and the possibilities of Magic Bullet, it is very affordable and represents a great value for money.

2.Nutri Bullet review

Nutri Bullet is another very popular bullet blender and it s available in three models: the original Nutri Bullet model, Nutri Bullet Pro and Nutri Bullet Rx. They differ in motor power, the number of servings and the size of cups, and Rx model comes with a heating function for soups or sauces. The basic model comes with 600 Watts motor and 24-ounce cups, and the cup size and motor power increase with the more advanced model.


Like other bullet blenders, it does not have other functions than pressing and holding the cup for blending, chopping, grinding, mixing etc. However, since it comes with a powerful blade and motor, it can perform all the tasks very easily. Also, thanks to the combination of the blade and the motor, Nutri Bullet falls within the category of nutrient extractors, and it is a very powerful one. It crushes all types of foods into the smallest parts, extracting the vitamins and fibers and turning them into the form which is easy to absorb and digest. This blender is recommended by many nutritionists, healthy food enthusiasts and raw vegans, since the food prepared in this blender keeps all its nutrients and helps cleansing the body, detoxicating and weight loss. In addition, it is also very powerful when it comes to crushing ice and frozen ingredients, which makes it a great blender for smoothies and milkshakes.

Despite the powerful motor, Nutri Bullet is not noisy, and it does not take too much space on the kitchen counter. There are also additional accessories that can be purchased, such as a recipe book, a bag, additional blades and cups, and the basic kit includes, the base, a cup and a recipe book. Another interesting feature Nutri Bullet has to offer in their online store is the line of Superfood Blends, which can be added to the ingredients of your choice to create smoothies rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

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