Why You Should Use Water in Your Blender

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You may have heard before that you need to use water in your blender when you prepare to blend most foods. While it may not be necessary for every food you want to blend, it is a good idea to use some water in blender when you are grinding up most foods.

How Water Helps the Blending Process

If you only have a small amount of food in your blender, then water is almost required. It helps your blender’s blade catch the food. When there isn’t much food in the blender, the blades will have trouble getting a grip on the food. In other words, the blades will just spin harmlessly through the small pieces without slicing them up.

Anytime you have very small pieces in your blender, you need to add in some water. This essentially thickens the food you are blending and creates a solution that can be more easily pureed or sliced by the blender. Don’t expect to get chunks of food when you are done blending, if you use water in your mix. You should really only use it when you plan to create smoothies, batters or other liquid mixes.

How Much Water to Use

So exactly how much water should you put in your blender? The bare minimum is enough water to cover the blender’s blades. If you put in too little water, the blades won’t catch the food properly and you will end up with the same problem as if you didn’t put in any water at all. If you put in too much, you can end up with a lot of liquid you don’t really need, and you can dilute the taste of what you are blending.

So, putting in enough water to cover the blades is where you start. It’s a good idea to put in enough to cover the food you are blending, but it is not necessary. It really depends on what you want to do with the food you are blending. If you want to end up with dry ingredients, then only use the bare minimum.

When Not to Use Water

As mentioned, you don’t need water for every food you blend. If you just want to chop up some large ingredients, then water isn’t required. If you are chopping up a small amount of potatoes to make mashed potatoes, you may want to use milk instead of water. Be sure you consider how the water will affect the taste of whatever you are blending.

The water is only really necessary in a few particular instances, but knowing when to use it and when not to use it is going to make all the difference in how easily your food is blended and how it tastes. If you aren’t sure that you need to add water, just look up a recipe for what you are making and see if other people used water in theirs. That should give you an idea about whether water is necessary.

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