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Vitamix is a brand with very long tradition, and it is one of the most popular food blenders among professional chefs, so it can often be found in restaurant kitchens. However, they offer a series of blenders for personal use as well, and more and more people decide to buy one of their blenders for their home kitchen. Since they can be purchased on sale or through an interest-free purchase plan, they are available to everyone, not just professionals.Vitamix blenders are known for their excellent nutrient extraction, so you will hear many raw vegans and healthy food devotees praise this brand of blenders, and you will find plenty of positive blender reviews when it comes to Vitamix. The blending system of Vitamix does not rely on the number of horsepowers, but on the technology behind the power. Due to clever engineering, all the components of Vitamix blenders are designed to work together in order to achieve fast performance and create tasty food and beverages, with rich taste and all the nutrients preserved.

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The philosophy of Vitamix can be described as “Keep it simple”. Firstly, they do not promise ultra-sharp blades for slicing and blending food, since all the sharp blades get blunt over time. Instead, their blades are created from high-quality stainless steel, using special technology of hardening, polishing and laser cutting the blades. The blades are actually blunt, but thanks to the special design, they are extremely powerful and durable.

Then, Vitamix comes with one container, believing that simple is better. Since one Vitamix blender can do all the work, you do not need to wash too many separate parts after you have finished chopping, mixing, whipping and blending with different appliances or different parts of the same machine. The controls of their blenders are also very simple and user-friendly, providing the users with automated programs or manual adjustment of the blade’s speed. In addition, there is also a cleaning program, which makes Vitamix blender much easier to wash and clean than other types of blenders.

All this is pretty interesting and impressive, and you will certainly find plenty of positive reviews of Vitamix blenders online. They come in three series: S-Series, the series of blenders for personal use; C-Series, which represents classic blenders, and G-Series, the series of premium blenders of new generation.

1.Vitamix S-Series blenders

vitamix-s55-300x300This series of Vitamix blenders is intended for personal use, and most people who decide to purchase Vitamix for their home buy one of the models from this series. Vitamix is known for high-performance blenders and top engineering, and in case of this blenders series they have combined them with the convenience and relatively small size of blenders that can easily fit any kitchen.

Vitamix uses technology that extracts and preserves all the nutrients, and they have applied it to the S-Series as well. This is why Vitamix is the best blender for smoothies, because all the nutrients are preserved, and also the texture is smooth and silky with very rich taste.

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Just like all the other series of Vitamix blenders, this one also contains dishwasher-safe parts, and high durability with metal components instead of plastic ones.

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2.VitamixC-Series blenders

This is a series of classic blenders, also equipped with high-technology Vitamix blades, motor and parts. They are available in several models and they come with several prices, which makes them affordable for any budget. You can often find Vitamix blenders on sale, or pay up to 20% less with interest-free payment plan offered by Vitamix. This means that you can be able to purchase a blender with professional power and performances on a very affordable price.


The simplest model of this series comes with the simple controls as well, and a classic container of 64 ounces. More advanced models come with the same size container, but they are equipped with multiple functions, such as variable control of speed, automatic pre-programmed settings and with a choice of several colors. Still, all the blenders from the series are intended for blending medium to large servings of food, and they all preserve both flavors and nutrients from any ingredients you blend in them.

They all come with stainless steel blades, created with Vitamix technology, which makes them extremely durable and powerful. These blenders also not made with plastic drive system like many others, but they use metal parts for connecting the container to the base.

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This series of Vitamix blenders is presented as the next generation of blenders. All the blenders from the series are created with low profile containers of 64 ounces and with premium quality of each component of the blender. Each of the blenders has variable speed control, which means that you are completely in charge of the speed of the blades and able to precisely determine every food texture you want to achieve.

download (1)There is also pulse control on each of the models, and the more advanced ones also come with 5 pre-programmed settings. Steel blades and metal drive system provide the longevity of the blender, and this series also comes with the strongest motor with 2.2 horsepower.  Due to the premium quality of all the components and the highly powerful motor, this series of blenders provides you with strong endurance and longevity that exceeds many other blenders in the market. Naturally, because the same highly proficient and sophisticated technology is applied to this series as well, in addition to longevity, endurance and a variety of controls, this series of blenders also provides you with amazing food texture, smooth and silky smoothies, great taste and all the nutrients preserved.

All Vitamix blenders come with warranty: for blenders from S-Series you get 5 year warranty, while C-Series and G-Series offer up to 7 years full warranty. In addition to the parts you get with each blender, Vitamix also offers a wide range of additional accessories – containers, cookbooks, filtration bags, spatulas and many more. Just like Vitamix blenders, the accessories are also made from high-quality materials, and recipe books are full of useful suggestions which will help you make your diet healthier and more versatile.

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